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Price Analyzer Guide

The Steel Index Price Analyzer provides you with the power to create, view and customize TSI reference prices into the graphs, charts and tables you need to highlight the data critical for your success.  It covers all current and historical price data for TSI's full range of steel, scrap, coking coal and iron ore series.

TSI Price Analyzer allows you to:

  • Compare up to 4 price series on the same graph
  • Switch between selected currencies and volume units
  • Zoom in and scroll the graph to view prices over time periods of your choice
  • Easily view statistics: highs, lows, changes, averages and correlations
  • Export the graphs for use in presentations and reports
  • Download historical prices for use in your financial models**

Download this handy snapshot on how to use TSI Price Analyzer: Welcome to the TSI Price Analyzer


The Steel Index Lead-Time Analyzer contains the average delivery lead-time associated with each steel price; it has the same features and functionality as the TSI Price Analyzer.

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