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Data Provider FAQs

Q. What does taking part involve?
A. Nothing onerous. Simply log into our secure website and report prices and other details of transactions you complete. No trades that day or week? No need to report!

Q. How many companies take part?
A. Over 500 companies are Data Providers to TSI. Only physical market participants, including steel mills and miners, service centers, traders and end users.

Q. Will TSI's customers see MY prices?
A. No - all prices are received and stored anonymously without reference to company or individual entered data. The data set is then ‘cleansed’ of outlying data points and processed to produce a single, volume-weighted average price. Your name is not associated with TSI's prices, nor is your company. The price you submit will never be recognisable within the average price published, as several price inputs are required to perform the volume-weighted calculation – even though you will know you have been represented.

Q. What is the point if the published price is not my price?
A. The published price will represent the average market transaction price for the day or week, including your price in the calculation. As an average, it is useful for benchmarking, index-linking and price risk management. Also, it is useful to know that your prices are included in the prices we compile – so that it is reflective of your market experience.

Q. Is there involvement in developing price series?
A. TSI works closely with Data Providers and aims to provide information which is relevant to them. An example is iron ore, where we now publish data on port congestion and coal bulk commodities, which affects the shipping price to China.

Q. Can the price be manipulated?
A. TSI's processes have been designed to make this extremely difficult. No Data Provider knows the identity of any others in order to prevent collusion. Also, attempts by any DP to ‘move’ the index dishonestly will be exposed by TSI's processes, which analyse data submissions and exclude outliers before the index is calculated. TSI has a large number of data providers for each “live” price series and continuously monitors submissions for any anomolies. Any data providers suspected of submitting inaccurate data have their registrations with TSI cancelled.

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If you have any questions or want to know more about us or our methodology simply email us and a TSI representative will get in contact with you shortly.

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